29 January 2012

Butter Prawns

Sunday cooking! I had prawns at home and I had a dish in mind. Unfortunately, the specific recipe I wanted, I could not find.. but I found this one, which I thought was easy to do, again, everything's available in your/ my kitchen. No extra shopping. As always, recipe here
Changes Made
- substituted the Shaoxing Wine (Chinese wine) with a dash of vinegar, and regular white wine (I used some South African wine that the brother bought recently).
- The prawns had already been prepared to be deveined and shells removed, couldn't do anything about that, but they turned out so soft and succulent, that I'd probably keep it that way.
- Not sure how to make kerisik? click here.
I loved the taste, and this is definitely going to get cooked again, multiple times in the future :)

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