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Amongst the many hues and shades of colour, there was just one that stood out brightly. A shade not etched in , a shade that no one saw, a shade hiding slyly between two shades of something, there was nothing.

You will shades into existence, with peer persistence, but hasn't every shade been discovered. What if you find something new? What happens when it's been explored and whilst the mundane bleeds out of you, it drains everything you ever knew. Including you.

The shades that are known are defined into red, blue and green. They land a particular way, they pair up best with so and so, they reflect brightness on ex complexion,they complement y. Theyre boxed and briefed, canned and stocked, labelled and sold, to just about everyone.

But what off the colours that are to be yet discovered, silently sitting in the corner of a painters pallete, a discovery to be found. Untamed, wild, out of the box and weird. Unowned, free, frolicky and unfettered. Unshaped, disformed, unknown. Th…

Patterns Deviate, like people.

They connected the dots with matching moles and travelling spirits. They sat in silence, under the night sky watching the stars. Resigned to fate, it was known that it was ending. I'll love you till the end of time, would still be true.

They had just stopped pretending it was anything more than it actually was. A deep friendship. Maybe it wasn't important to know every inch of the other person, there was no ultimate wholeness. Really, they were simply two halves that were shaped the same. 

Maybe if you were truly known, you would only be tolerated. Who escapes one hell, to find another. For all hot flames, simmer down to deep ember.

From one it came, and to it, it returned. For it truly just belonged, just to it at the end.