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I know that it's been ages since i've been on this thing when i can't remember the password to get here.. thank god it's saved on the comp.. or rather dd's comp..

what to blog about? it's been an interesting week but at the same time nothing has really hit me quite close to home as well, home. For those who do read this blog, ti's abt the girl in the hall right now... more than that just more than any thing at all.. it's just occured to me that we all just suck.

At risk of not sounding mature and sounding childish, we suck because we all want something and we all look for that something in other people. And sometimes i just wonder maybe the place to be looking for that something is within and not outside. I'm only 21 and i'm allready sick of grown ups.. and everyone who claims to be one.

I'm being bitter because i'm disillusioned, not with anyone else but myself. Nik says, sometimes the roads aren't already built for u, and u gotta buil…