25 April 2006

He's Funny that Way- Billy Holiday

Never had nothing
No one to care
That's why I seem to have
More than my share
I've got a man crazy for me

He's funny that way

When I hurt his feelings
Once in a while
His only answer is one little smile
I've got that man crazy for me

He's funny that way

I can see no other way
And no better plan
End it all and let him go
To some better gal
But I'm only human
A coward at best
I'm more than certain
He'd follow me West

Though he loves to work
And slave for me everyday
He'd be so much better off
If I went away
But why should I leave him
Why should I go
He'd be unhappy without me I know
I've got that man crazy for me

He's funny that way

19 April 2006

Peace is Possible, just have to try

The state of the world today. Global numbers of refugees are falling dramatically as people return to former war zones, the United Nations says.thanks to improving conditions in states including Afghanistan, Angola and Sierra Leone, among others. The reduction in cross-border wars and conflicts in the past five years had contributed to the fall in refugee numbers. But, the UN warns, the reduction in refugees may prove to be temporary because of continuing instability in some of the worst-hit areas of the world, coupled with a rise in civil wars, internal conflicts and the growing crises of internal displacement.

Cz this is ALL it takes


Was a fun day today after a long time.. spent it with the two bitches from the other side of town.. one with the girl from cheras who claimed that she was a motherly person, whilst tsun commented that if Jane was motherly, she was mother theresa

the other a very happening socialite(laundry bar) from PJ(practically).. who wants chrome

and me who wants a jungle in the middle of my house, so we planned

  • butler in CK underwear, white or black
  • live in maid who stays to stay
  • Zen house with a lone orchid standing out of a bamboo vase
  • tons n tons of cars
  • tv and tv remotes every where, in every room
  • sun roofs


  • chrome with chrome
  • a pent house luxury condo
  • industrialist kitchen
  • gadget heavan
  • tools n toys to fit the mood
  • THE perfect car or two
  • a job of higher position


  • country club membership
  • rose bushes as hedges
  • 'treated' wooden kitchen
  • pebbly living room, beige and brown and a jungle center
  • huge library-porche-patio(filled with first editions)
  • week-end game hunts in the jungle, with ex bfs n ppl we dislike
  • meditarrean styled, preferably facing a lake or the ocean
  • an amazing job which deprives owner of the chance to spend too much time in this house


over drinks.. bak kuteh filled tummies.. and a rainy tuesday afternoon..

This is what it takes to make us happy. If there's any one willing to pay for all of this please contact me. If there isn't, then perhaps y'll ought to check back in a couple of years. I"ll post up a couple of pics :).

18 April 2006

17 April 2006

Three best sister friends

three best sister friends.. interesting concept there.. speaks of sisterhood, friendship and then a little bit more. There's been ocassions where the mind just draws blank when u want to write something or when u want to ask something off someone, .. it's translates to nothing at all.

And right now, i'm just letting the fingers type away.. and my mind's not thinking.

Went to the burmese water festival again.. lemme note again it comes one day after our tamil new year, and Vasakhi.. and i hope i'm spelling that right, before i get shot.. i don't think i'll mention who.. with the bullets embedded where ever in my body, i'm sure everyone'll guess it's either him.. or him..

But ya.. the burmese soup was yum as hell.. and the water was as cold as hell, then came back for a hot shower and went out for a movie.. for the first time with my ex housemates.. i dunno how many of them i have running arnd everywhere.. but i'm gonna be honest and pick a pick today.. out of all the houses ever, JANICE n SING CHIK y'll two rock.. i wish i could go back there.. see then i'd have best sister friends n DD, priceless.. u've not been forgotten...

But to forge new ties when the time comes to sail is to make harder what is allready hard. .

and to break new ties before their due for any reason, misunderstandings or otherwise is a pitifull crime

But to kiss goodbye what is an overdue emotion of fear, regret, anger, sadness n shock is condemnable. .As adults we all have to 'fess up and not be shocked when the going gets shit or tough.. and more than that.. we are not amused as the empress said.. is meant to be the mantra which we hold dear to us.. so i say I am not amused.

13 April 2006


i fell down in class today... i had my legs up in the air.. and well.. the chair broke by the way.. so it wasn't my fault.. was wearing my skirt.. of all the days when i had to wear a skirt.. TODAY.. but so i had my legs crossed when i was on the floor and my boyfriend next to me looking at me.. my dinner partner from the previous night turned arnd and looked at me.. and well the rest of the class was looking at me too.. not laughing..just looking.. so i got i uncrossed my legs, and got up.. whilst the boyfriend sprung into action turned arnd and got rid of the broken chair..
and then asked me if i'd suffered any physical damage... smart fella that one..

11 April 2006

10 April 2006

Cz I'm a Wimp

Doctors are scary as hell.. injections scarier still.. blood tests scariest.. me scardestest.. :)

thanks baby, for cmn with me.

08 April 2006


It's rainin like a bitch outside... :( perfect weather for the perfect mood.. mebbe sometimes our lives are reflected by the weather..

06 April 2006


yea mebbe it is time to move on huh.. from the things that aren't there ne more or the things that won't be there for much longer. It's sad mostly, but eventually when the time comes to pack up n ciao who's to ask u to stay but urself?

And eventually at the end of it all, it is the end of it all :)