13 April 2006


i fell down in class today... i had my legs up in the air.. and well.. the chair broke by the way.. so it wasn't my fault.. was wearing my skirt.. of all the days when i had to wear a skirt.. TODAY.. but so i had my legs crossed when i was on the floor and my boyfriend next to me looking at me.. my dinner partner from the previous night turned arnd and looked at me.. and well the rest of the class was looking at me too.. not laughing..just looking.. so i got i uncrossed my legs, and got up.. whilst the boyfriend sprung into action turned arnd and got rid of the broken chair..
and then asked me if i'd suffered any physical damage... smart fella that one..


Shida said...

Your "dinner partner from the previous night" was so shocked she couldn't even find it in her to laugh at something that was so obviously freaking funny. What else can I do except look? Your knight in shining armour was there as well, go bite him. But it really made my day though. These things don't come my way often. So thanks Sabs.

dD.Diyana said...

i loft u.