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A funny Tuesday Morning

It's a funny tuesday morning, in an extra ordinarily cold December. There's sun outside, but the inside of the house is freezing and I'm listening to breakfast songs, though I have already had breakfast and happily crawled back into bed. I'm listening to:

I've just browsed through some college friend's websites and noticed that life's moved on with them. One's married with baby, one's engaged and well, others are travelling around the world, while here I am in bed, on a perfectly fine Tuesday listening to songs such as this, back from college... suffering from an extraordinarily slow server which is making my life miserable as I try to attach some music to this post.

I'm trying to put my finger onto what I feel right now, it's different.. Kind of like, how we felt the first day of the new school term, waiting for the bus that's delayed post the pick up time. Or maybe like those people at pit stops during races, waiting at the edge of…

Indian Passport Saga- Tatkaal

This post is written using information gathered through personal experience and should not be taken as actual, factual advise given by someone in the know. Please get in touch with the passport authorities, if unsure about anything. The numbers are available on the websites.

Status: Passport damaged

Due to: Frigging rain coming through the window onto the table

Step 1 (a): Ask an agent, who sends a sheet across and says Fill out the sheet and send it to me. So I say, but no, I need to know what documents I need to have in place before I can submit. Don't worry madam, leave it to me. I will get it done for you, just fill out the sheet and let's get an appointment. <sheet filled out and sent to agent>

Step 1 (b): Get onto the Regional Passport Office website. Then re-route back to Kendra Seva website. And then back to the other site. Which one is which? Find the toll free number, call to inquire into services offered and the differences between each site. Firstly th…

Wiki Borders

I've been following up on the whole Wikileaks hungama and every time I read anything I wish I was back in Uni. All those subjects about borderless worlds, that cross nationalities and various other traditional structures such as age, race, gender and all those debates stick to the back of my mind like a moving screen wallpaper.

It was predicted, by someone I can't remember that the importance that we associate to the categories I have mentioned above is being eroded and things like literacy and fluency in written languages are the new definitions or demographic titles. And today, nearly four years after I graduated (a semi student of media), it's come a-knocking again. It cannot be ignored.

I'm happy to say I was on the side and still am on the side that believes in the knowledge gap as opposed to the gender gap when it comes to new age media wars. Sure, at a cultural level, if in a society that favors education of male children above the education of a female child, tha…