28 December 2010

A funny Tuesday Morning

It's a funny tuesday morning, in an extra ordinarily cold December. There's sun outside, but the inside of the house is freezing and I'm listening to breakfast songs, though I have already had breakfast and happily crawled back into bed. I'm listening to:

I've just browsed through some college friend's websites and noticed that life's moved on with them. One's married with baby, one's engaged and well, others are travelling around the world, while here I am in bed, on a perfectly fine Tuesday listening to songs such as this, back from college... suffering from an extraordinarily slow server which is making my life miserable as I try to attach some music to this post.

I'm trying to put my finger onto what I feel right now, it's different.. Kind of like, how we felt the first day of the new school term, waiting for the bus that's delayed post the pick up time. Or maybe like those people at pit stops during races, waiting at the edge of their seats... this probably, is the most pointless post to date... i'll leave all of you with this lovely, goosebumps inducing dance from the show "So you think you can dance"..

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