22 May 2007



suggested we ought to have IBM franchised yoga classes... just because i can feel my back becoming a brick.. like tough old mutton meat..

still trying to get to bloody lal bagh to get some plants to grow in time for monsoon... hoping for a flower on my birthday

been thnking abt my birthday.. which somehow always depresses me.. princess me

been feeling hot under the collar, sleepy under the eyes, heavy at the heart and malaise in just being

not unhappy with what is around me at this point, not quite happy when i think of all the things that should be around me

conclusions from talks with various girlfriends the past couple of days-

why women think marriage, men think promotion: women only think it cz no one bothers men abt marriage.. ppl bother women, ask them when it is gonna happen.. no body thinks to ask if it's even gonna happen.

what it means to go out with a responsible man: an uphill task, liek trying to milk a mountain for the rest of ur life... where downhill mean kiddies didn't end up in the school of HIS dreams... uphill means vacations without HIM.. without a PLAN...

its not that men don't listen, they just don't remember

and lastly: men and women are vastly different, so vast that to understand eachother just out of the question, so really don't bother. It's like trying to walk arnd with bannana skin slippers.. ur bound to bloody slip n fall n then curse urself for ever even trying to do so... either that, or u end up in guiness world records as the world's first retard that walked on them and didn't fall...

12 May 2007


Labour minister Mr Iqbal Ansari has said that women need to be protected and it's un-indian for women to be working later than 8 pm. He's sent in a bill, that after being passed for review amongst all the oh so mighty mps in the parliament, might have just become a law.

Were it not for his stupid (it can't be anything else really), comments on the bill, the large populace of working women, who themselves and well, their families that rely solely on their income would've not only been rendered jobless but also just plainly slapped in the face by a law that just saw modern, rising India take a retrograde step into the past.

How would Mr Ansari know what is 'Indian', and what is not? Did he design Indianess? He's chosen to stick to his guns, insisting that women in India today do need to be protected, actively citing the Pratibha murder as fuel for his fire.

If what he wants is to target the women of the BTO, BPO, IT sectors then, how come the Bill exempts these same woman from the blanket ban? Is it because too many are employed in these sectors, that were the bill to be extended to them too, Karnataka would loose billions of revenue that these sectors generate?

As Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has said, a safe working environment is the right of every individual, male or female. The government's inability to provide this amenity shouldn't translate into laws like these.

It shouldn't and it won't. Never mind sex education as a life skills subject has been dropped out of the syllabus for government schools, never mind that english has been dropped as even a subject till kids are in their teens, never mind the fact that the taxed few suffer from poor infastructure, electricity cuts, water cuts. Never mind the dog menace on the streets have left several children dead, and the pot holes and open so called storm drains have left even more dead.

As we, as a country and as a state attempt to leap miles ahead in progression, we're unaware that we're actively allowing the laws of the country take quick steps backwards into time by goons like Ansari, parties like VJP, BJP.

So to Ansari, screw you. Your law is never going to be passed.

02 May 2007

Wesak Day

Happy Birthday Gautama Buddha...


And to Tsun.. Happy Birthday...


And to the world in general... please calm down for god sakes!