31 July 2005

Madrassas, Terrorists, Students and Such

The issue of madrassas playing a breeding ground for terrorists has come up again. i say again, because i recall an article that i read in The Times quite a while ago, i think arnd July 2003. It was an eye opener, as the journalist had drawn out many things regarding these madrassas, most importantly, he outline the fact that most of the students in the schools were recruited when they were just 7 or 8, and then went on to spend close to 8 years in those schools.
Hence, I would not be surprised if what is being experienced now is just the tip of the iceberg i.e. there is more to come.
The ans lies, i believe in finding out what drives those children or their parents to suscribe to religious schools. Ofcourse, religion is the main drive, bt what could be the second best reason. I was surfing through the BBC worldservice page, and came across an article that seemed to be an answer. Called View's from Inside Islam's Schools http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/4715235.stm
it features the voices of others who are getting their education in the very same system that the terrorists are said to have gotten their ill conceived motivations from.

  • the first, features an Afghan refugee, studyin in a school founded by a leading Jihadi leader. For those who are yet to familiarize themselves with the term, jihad, it is the word used in the Koran to descibe a holy war, much like the crusades, is used to describe those wars fought in the name of Christianity.
  • The second features a 13 year old kid, who is in the school to serve the ambitions of his father, so that he can become a religious mullah. His opinion of his school leads us to believe that he is in it to receive education with a twist, that is, education that is projected for the Islamic mind.
  • The third person interviewed asks, can America or any other Western country give us an assurance that they will not engage in any anti-Islamic activities? And I need to ask, can they? What is the definition of anti-Islamic? Where does one draw the line between what is Islamic and what isn't? More still, should we consider this issue at all? Should I begin to wear a head scarf because not wearing one is anti-Islamic, or does he mean to say, leave us alone. Stay out of Israel, America? We need to give more voice to these people, because listening to them will help us understand what motivated the others to come and bomb us. Yes, they may be terrorists with no serious objectives, whose purpose may be to solely instigate terror, bt while we may say that, can we really say that we understand them?
  • The fourth voice talks of, being dis-enchanted with mainstream education. He is notably from Kashmir, a territory plagued by war in the past decade. In an area where walking out in the streets on any given day is deemed dangerous, how much education can one receive? Understandably, an Islamic education not only nurtures his spirituality, along with giving him the security he needs to live his life as a normal human being. He talks of the seminary being more important to him than his family home, and can any one contest that, when home means cringing at the sound of another bomb exploding in the back ground?
  • The last voice echoes discontent with the education system that he was in. Also from Kashmir. In these voices, we allready see possible solutions. While these men are in these schools away from mainstream society due to many reasons, one of those reasons they seem to be fleeing away from the mainstream society that seems to no longer be moving in the same direction that they are. They are not necessarily driven to these schools for the sake of religion, rather they are driven to these schools following disenchantment with mainstream culture

Isn't it allready clear that what is needed, for these refugees and people who come in from areas stricken by casualty, is an adressing of the problems that they are going through. Perhaps the govts of Pakistan and India ought to invest more in helping the people stuck between their borders as opposed to investing in even more machinery to make what is bad worse.

And from what i read in that edition of Times, differs greatly from what was written on the BBC. Ofcourse, neither can be the absolute truth. But the more voices that one gets to listen to, the closer one can arrive at the truth or at the problem. Rather than point fingers at specific schools, or specific groups of people, it is the so called enemy that everyone ought to get closer to, in order to understand not their mistakes. Not their actions, but our own actions, because looking around us is what brings us closer to ourselves, asking them their opinions on mainstream society is what makes us realize how we too, participate in the creation of hate and misunderstanding.

30 July 2005

Man in Black

Woke up today sick from last nites clubbing. I knew i was going to get sick soon enough, my throat felt clogged wit a whole load of shit, bt i didn't think that it would strike this soon. Took a couple of tablets n things chilled for a bit, and at nite before i went to sleep, it came back. Took a lil nap, after a call from the parents who expressed their anxiety saying that it could be dengue.
And i had a dream, a guy in black who i'd met on the street, looking at me and warning me tht i was going to die, and that it was gonna be awhile before anyone found me. I woke up wit a startle, and walked arnd the appartment, which is when i realized that there was no one in the appartment. i was alone, and i thought i got what he meant when he said that it was gonna be awhile before anyone found me. I was gonna die alone.
I freaked out, i started crying, panting as well. Because i was so scared, i don't remember being that scared of imaginary dream characters since i had that dream of that baby. I rushed to DD's room looking for someone online who could assure me that i wasnt gonna die. The only person who could have was toh n she was away.
I kept crying, convinced that the man in black himself was gonna kill me, while my face got hotter. I started feeling dizzy and my eyes burnt, now, a hundred percent sure that i was gonna die, i ran out of my appt. I placed a call to Bhav, n cried as i dun think she ever did see me. Freaked out she rushed to the hostel frm puchong, n i gladly placed myself on her lap, making small wet tear spots on her pants. As i cried, and she assured me, and sujan drove us to the nearest clinic, i realized that, sometimes u just cant make it on your own.
From all that~ a throat infection and a body temperature of 102 f... thank u bth of u.. i really needed you guys today.

27 July 2005

Another Day at Uni

Ok so far the count looks absolutely amazing! And the reason behind that, is well, been to all my classes so far. That in itself speaks volumes.. don't know how far this is going to go.. but i'm happy.

I think really, all u really need to do anything is the intent, past that it's as easy as u can say chop suey...man listened to that song after friggin fcking ages today.. esp after nik asked fr nice rock songs n that popped into my head. Gave me the fervour required to get my ass here and well, write, nt to mention find out that John Wyndham's short sci-fi story that i read oh so long ago in sayfol was.. well, called Dumb Martian. I really wish i can get my hands on it, and wit the THOL lib being abt the most underqupped library, esp when it comes to sci-fi writing, and even worse when it comes to reviews of sci-fi writing, i can only wish myself the best of luck!

26 July 2005

the trouble wit ME is...

the trouble wit me is...

i trust too much, n then i don't trust AT all
i have no ego, n then that's all i have
i cannot say sorry, n i cannot forgive
i do not forget n rather i ignore
ignore ne thing long enough thn it goes away
i need to get to the middle part.

And that's all the trouble wit me i have.

18 July 2005


And she dropped frm heavan, baneful apple being education.....

ha ha. Apple drop~ Newton~ gravity...
frame of me frigging thought la.

I should sleep. My head is killin me. I dunno why i'm posting this, bt i think i'm a lil wee bit delirious frm lack of sleep. so i shall jes post it ne ways.


01 July 2005


love a (divine) madness, a natural, if not wholly desirable, emotional imbalance.

Mary Wollstonecraft: In what does man's pre-eminence over the brute creation consist? The answer is as clear as that a half is less than the whole; in Reason. (The Vindication of the Rights of Women 1792)

Plato gave the world the oldest remaining written account of Atlantis, in Critias, recorded circa 370 BC. By his account, Poseidon, god of the sea, sired five pairs of male twins with mortal women. Poseidon appointed the eldest of these sons, Atlas the Titan, ruler of his beautiful island domain.

Atlas became the personification of the mountains or pillars that held up the sky. Plato described Atlantis as a vast island-continent west of the mediterranean, surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. The Greek word Atlantis means the island of Atlas, just as the word Atlantic means the ocean of Atlas. Atlantis was governed in peace, was rich in commerce, was advanced in knowledge, and held dominion over the surrounding islands and continents.

By Plato's legend, the people of Atlantis became complacent and their leaders arrogant; in punishment the Gods destroyed Atlantis, flooding it and submerging the island in one day and night.


Accounts of the abstract by the philospohers. Like Anand and I were talking about the other day. What is the self, the person, personhood?
What is purpose? Is there a general world purpose?

Most importantly, does any of this matter at all?

In trying to define ourselves, i said (with anand trying desperately to do a Hawking~ explain life as a constituition of numbers and figures emprically understood and quantifiable), we are putting a box un-necessary eveloping something that could otherwise be diverse and multiple.

It makes as much sense, anand, as a cow looking at another cow, trying to figure out what a cow is.
Importance being placed on the fact that, a cow looking at a cow, would explain rightly what a cow is from a cow's point of view, which wouldn't bring the true meaning of what a cow is to a cow.
The p.o.v is locked in a box ritual, making conversation and question irrelevant, and any number of arguments that can be derived from it irrelevant, inconsequential, serving no purpose bt occupy time.
And that is what asking questions is like sometimes. If u aren't ever going to arrive at the truth, the purpose, then why ask it at all. Cost-benefit analysis would conclude that it takes all the cost, gives no benefit~ ABORT.

And that is what i feel like now. Aborting questioning, because all the questions that i can ask are going to lead to no where. You know why? Because, in variance and supposed uniqueness u lost me. You lost me when u said, "you could use that time to come see me."

My time is mine. And if it were a simple matter of u spending time wit me baby, u would take wt u get and nt fuss. Because i'm always here, it's u that is rotating around. Blowing hot, blowing cold.

SO don't loose me like that. It's a bummer when you act so stupid. And i refuse to ask any more questions baby, on why u can't be perfect. Chances are, all i'm seeing in you are lines randomly scribled around your figure, your body shape when really, you are a perfectly drawn and executed straight line.

Just I hope, that you don't loose me like that.