30 July 2005

Man in Black

Woke up today sick from last nites clubbing. I knew i was going to get sick soon enough, my throat felt clogged wit a whole load of shit, bt i didn't think that it would strike this soon. Took a couple of tablets n things chilled for a bit, and at nite before i went to sleep, it came back. Took a lil nap, after a call from the parents who expressed their anxiety saying that it could be dengue.
And i had a dream, a guy in black who i'd met on the street, looking at me and warning me tht i was going to die, and that it was gonna be awhile before anyone found me. I woke up wit a startle, and walked arnd the appartment, which is when i realized that there was no one in the appartment. i was alone, and i thought i got what he meant when he said that it was gonna be awhile before anyone found me. I was gonna die alone.
I freaked out, i started crying, panting as well. Because i was so scared, i don't remember being that scared of imaginary dream characters since i had that dream of that baby. I rushed to DD's room looking for someone online who could assure me that i wasnt gonna die. The only person who could have was toh n she was away.
I kept crying, convinced that the man in black himself was gonna kill me, while my face got hotter. I started feeling dizzy and my eyes burnt, now, a hundred percent sure that i was gonna die, i ran out of my appt. I placed a call to Bhav, n cried as i dun think she ever did see me. Freaked out she rushed to the hostel frm puchong, n i gladly placed myself on her lap, making small wet tear spots on her pants. As i cried, and she assured me, and sujan drove us to the nearest clinic, i realized that, sometimes u just cant make it on your own.
From all that~ a throat infection and a body temperature of 102 f... thank u bth of u.. i really needed you guys today.

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dD.Diyana said...

I am so sorry to read this.
I know I was supposed to come home, and the whole idea of sneaking my cousin and whatnot.

but i arrived in sunway at 3.30am and i couldn't get in.

i called to check on u but bhavna was the one who picked ur phone up.
i was so worried when bhav said that you said u felt so alone.

i was scared that preya didnt come home.

i'm so sorry.
i'm a selfish bitch.
i could've at least fought with the guards and tell them i have a housemate all sick and alone.

i'm sorry.
i'll stay till the rest of the week.