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Gen X, Y & Z

I'm confused about who Gen X, Y & Z are supposed to be, but in this post the terminology is used to refer to those between this median- 21 to 34.
It looks like the young country has ridden through and out of the recession. The new graduates this year have been absorbed into the BPOs, just like the previous years, with the exception of one trend. Large numbers of Engineering grads have been absorbed into the system, with lower salaries & lower demand as expected initially. Ofcourse, they hope to weather out the storm and hope to start venturing out as soon as the markets look up. For now though, the whirlwind BPO industry has got them hooked on salaries, friends & sneaky night/day outs.
Carefully watching these newcomers are those that have been in the system for many years more. Who a few short years ago, had similar dreams and hopes of getting somewhere and becoming someone. Then they accepted their first credit card application, or thought that while they stay emplo…

The Importance of Not Being Earnest.

Grandma's come home for a visit, with the Grandpa and as always we got into a debate. The first was on marriage. I said that I need my wedding to be a day of happiness, where things are rosy, because it may be the only day things go the way I want them to.

Grandma, surprised & slightly shocked (though she really should know better) countered the statement by telling me that I'm supposed to be sad, because I'm leaving my parents & starting a new life. And it's not supposed to be a happy ocassion, so wanting to be happy is really an absurd thought.

And it was my turn to be shocked/surprised- now there's a thought I hadn't considered!

Then I said, we wouldn't need to invite all the people who follow through any of the below mentioned categories:

1. Those that get invited, but never come
2. Those that we invite, come, and go back home and complain to everyone about mal treatment
3. Those who would mind not being invited, because they were not considered-as op…

What they say...

They tell you in stories, through all means of communication: internet, television, books, newspapers and I suspect the Egyptian tombs, that love is this all conquering, omnipresent something that gives us the humanity and the patience to bear the hardest life that we have.

Just like bees round flowers or like rain makes someone wet, love is that special thing that makes life worth the pain and the hard realities. Maybe it's my age or my experience that makes me think so- but after the hippies of the 70s cracked the various ideological spheres that we had embedded ourselves in, we have started cracking down on this thing called love.

This potent liquid that made Juliet and Romeo drink the poison, that made Devdas alcoholic, the lack of which, makes people depressed and feel that something is wrong and they are horrible people because no one loves them. Boyfriends and Girlfriends spend whole salaries on each other trying to prove their love for one another, and a sudden realization …

The Glorifcation of Death

Is it just me or are we increasingly being inundated with RIP messages, tribute shows & advertisements that focus on the person that's passed away. We get told, of the celebrity's body of work, their nuances, scandals- and to conclude, they advise that this person was a quasi legend, and their death would mean that we've lost an integral part of the industry.

The deaths in the last couple of months, go on to prove it. Michael Jackson never seemed to shake the notion that he was Wacko Jacko and made headlines for his controversial life. When he died, we had the tribute concerts, the RIP status messages across Facebook, My space, on the Yahoo/Hotmail web pages. I seriously doubt that any person who had heard of the famous MJ, is not aware that he's passed away.

Then we had DJ Adam, once again the press wrote away to glory, and we found out what a wonder full person he was, having found the drug addiction. Pity he had an OD on prescription medicine.

Then we had Patrick S…

Not the things you say.

The thing about written words and spoken words are that the meanings alloted to each are different.

When something is written, the author, past having written the words has no control over who may read it and what they may interpret.

When something is spoken, I suppose it is similar, but spoken words allow the listener to comprehend what is not spoken as well. The tone of their voice, the nonchalance, the pauses for thinking.

I find I make faster decisions when someone speaks to me, I react faster to. The old suicide note, is probably the only written doc that would make me move as fast, needless to say, I have had the good fortune of never having had to read one and respond.

The Sexes

A friend said she'd like to line up all the men that she's known all her life, and bring out a gun and shoot them. The same friend today, said that she wanted to get a new boyfriend and asked me for some tips. A male friend was overheard saying this, "Don't waste your time on women, yaar. Use and throw, that's the life you want to lead. Why get engaged in all this nonsense with Love and etc".3 male friends proposed marriage to their girlfriends this week, one sucessfull and the other on hold. A married woman had a fight with the girlfriend of the fella at work she had developed a crush on and had started messaging. Another male friend revealed that he had been flirting sucessfully with his female boss till he playfull called her old, after which the messages ceased.And so the union/battle of the sexes continue, every day and every week. It's interesting to note that I could write out this list in under 10 mins, which must mean that this information was al…

Another Goodbye

A friend died on Saturday of a drug overdose. He had a drug problem for the duration of my friendship with him, which would total three years shortly. They found him dead & alone, and informed his family.

And as it is with those that die young, he was smart, brilliant and a wonderful person to know. That is if I forget the mood swings that he would have, where he was known to suddenly get angry for no reasons. Other times, perhaps when it suited him to be angry, he was quiet, and calm joking about the situation that we were in.

Two main conversations that I had with him, I remember. One, where I thought I'd convinced him to go to rehab, and enlisted the help of another friend to take him there. And another where I was mean and hopelessly rude about the situation he was in and expressed my joint anger and disappointment with him over his failure to carry through with his promise.

It was then revealed to me, how he had sustained injuries on his hand and forehead being thrown out of…

A smile

It was an important occasion yesterday, and in a different time and place, I suppose it would have marked a celebration of a relationship that would have, as of yesterday lasted a four year term.

Instead it was celebrated in silent thoughts, slow rolling crocodile tears, and most importantly alone. I don't think it was sadness, I think it was just a slow realization, that once again it really has ended.

I don't know how many times this one end has replicated itself in my blog posts, thoughts discarded only to have them sprout hopes like Medusa's head every time it was cut off. But I think it's over now, because it's quiet.

I have nothing left to say, I have no bad feelings for the other person and I certainly hold no regrets. I can smile and say it's gone, and know that I will never forget. Only that, I don't any longer have my emotions held hostage by someone who claims love.

And I can't think of a better feeling than that.