25 October 2009

The Importance of Not Being Earnest.

Grandma's come home for a visit, with the Grandpa and as always we got into a debate. The first was on marriage. I said that I need my wedding to be a day of happiness, where things are rosy, because it may be the only day things go the way I want them to.

Grandma, surprised & slightly shocked (though she really should know better) countered the statement by telling me that I'm supposed to be sad, because I'm leaving my parents & starting a new life. And it's not supposed to be a happy ocassion, so wanting to be happy is really an absurd thought.

And it was my turn to be shocked/surprised- now there's a thought I hadn't considered!

Then I said, we wouldn't need to invite all the people who follow through any of the below mentioned categories:

1. Those that get invited, but never come
2. Those that we invite, come, and go back home and complain to everyone about mal treatment
3. Those who would mind not being invited, because they were not considered-as opposed to being sad that they couldn't share this event with us
4. The many multitudes of relatives we have, that we've never seen, only heard off, who really wouldn't know me, that I haven't spoken to or care about.

And her response to the same was, "You never know who's going to come handy when you need help. Can't risk being talked about badly by the others and invite gossip."

And that statement, if it sticks till whenever this wedding actually takes place, is going to cost my dad those extra thousands of rupees.

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