07 October 2009

The Sexes

  • A friend said she'd like to line up all the men that she's known all her life, and bring out a gun and shoot them. The same friend today, said that she wanted to get a new boyfriend and asked me for some tips.
  • A male friend was overheard saying this, "Don't waste your time on women, yaar. Use and throw, that's the life you want to lead. Why get engaged in all this nonsense with Love and etc".
  • 3 male friends proposed marriage to their girlfriends this week, one sucessfull and the other on hold.
  • A married woman had a fight with the girlfriend of the fella at work she had developed a crush on and had started messaging.
  • Another male friend revealed that he had been flirting sucessfully with his female boss till he playfull called her old, after which the messages ceased.

And so the union/battle of the sexes continue, every day and every week. It's interesting to note that I could write out this list in under 10 mins, which must mean that this information was already sorted and placed at the front of my mind ready to be recorded.

I'm having a peaceful week, all. No battles yet, for me.


Ashu said...

I agree with you on these points Saro, this is the story today in almost everybody's life. We may agree or not but yes, We all face such things in our lives too..thought provoking post..nicely written...

Saro said...

Have you had any battles of this sort lately I wonder.. has the new year changed anything for you?