12 October 2009

Not the things you say.

The thing about written words and spoken words are that the meanings alloted to each are different.

When something is written, the author, past having written the words has no control over who may read it and what they may interpret.

When something is spoken, I suppose it is similar, but spoken words allow the listener to comprehend what is not spoken as well. The tone of their voice, the nonchalance, the pauses for thinking.

I find I make faster decisions when someone speaks to me, I react faster to. The old suicide note, is probably the only written doc that would make me move as fast, needless to say, I have had the good fortune of never having had to read one and respond.


Ashu said...

These are quite heavy duty words..lol..dont know whether I used the correct form of expression to signify my feeling of appraisal for the words u have written Saro..I gather you write such posts to ignite a few dim minds and souls..at least u ignited me and let me think for around 10 minutes over the small 5 lines u hav written here..cheers ..keep writing and I will keep reading...and thinking of course!!!

Saro said...

Thank you Ashu. Sometimes my mind is dim too, and I share things here and find that everyone knew it and I didn't :) I guess we all work like that sometimes, you probably figured out how to plug a pin into the socket and I was busy trying to figure out what to wear in the morning! ha ha