02 October 2009

A smile

It was an important occasion yesterday, and in a different time and place, I suppose it would have marked a celebration of a relationship that would have, as of yesterday lasted a four year term.

Instead it was celebrated in silent thoughts, slow rolling crocodile tears, and most importantly alone. I don't think it was sadness, I think it was just a slow realization, that once again it really has ended.

I don't know how many times this one end has replicated itself in my blog posts, thoughts discarded only to have them sprout hopes like Medusa's head every time it was cut off. But I think it's over now, because it's quiet.

I have nothing left to say, I have no bad feelings for the other person and I certainly hold no regrets. I can smile and say it's gone, and know that I will never forget. Only that, I don't any longer have my emotions held hostage by someone who claims love.

And I can't think of a better feeling than that.


m@c said...

:) i dont understand the context ... but it was really nice

Saro said...

thank you mac! very sweet :)