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Gen X, Y & Z

I'm confused about who Gen X, Y & Z are supposed to be, but in this post the terminology is used to refer to those between this median- 21 to 34.

It looks like the young country has ridden through and out of the recession. The new graduates this year have been absorbed into the BPOs, just like the previous years, with the exception of one trend. Large numbers of Engineering grads have been absorbed into the system, with lower salaries & lower demand as expected initially. Ofcourse, they hope to weather out the storm and hope to start venturing out as soon as the markets look up. For now though, the whirlwind BPO industry has got them hooked on salaries, friends & sneaky night/day outs.

Carefully watching these newcomers are those that have been in the system for many years more. Who a few short years ago, had similar dreams and hopes of getting somewhere and becoming someone. Then they accepted their first credit card application, or thought that while they stay employed, they could get a new auto loan. Some offered to pay for renovations at home, securing some respect. Others simply found that when they first their first dinner bill, they were being naive when they thought the rest of the group would pay up.

And so began their spiral. Banks were ready to offer loans and cards. Handed out at high interest rates, and secured through the general sense of elation the country was feeling at the thought of this booming economy. When the first of the layoffs began, it was thought that it was a result of mismanagement and simple competition. Survival of the fittest.

Then the bigger companies started getting rid of their bottom percentile. And more companies shut down, more layoffs in the newspaper headlines. Collections activity within the country increased, with banks catching the feverish caution the rest of the country was suddenly practicing.

Suddenly banks found that they had lent money precariously. And debtors found that they were stuck with high EMIs and lesser income that when they had started.


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