27 July 2005

Another Day at Uni

Ok so far the count looks absolutely amazing! And the reason behind that, is well, been to all my classes so far. That in itself speaks volumes.. don't know how far this is going to go.. but i'm happy.

I think really, all u really need to do anything is the intent, past that it's as easy as u can say chop suey...man listened to that song after friggin fcking ages today.. esp after nik asked fr nice rock songs n that popped into my head. Gave me the fervour required to get my ass here and well, write, nt to mention find out that John Wyndham's short sci-fi story that i read oh so long ago in sayfol was.. well, called Dumb Martian. I really wish i can get my hands on it, and wit the THOL lib being abt the most underqupped library, esp when it comes to sci-fi writing, and even worse when it comes to reviews of sci-fi writing, i can only wish myself the best of luck!

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