19 April 2006

Cz this is ALL it takes


Was a fun day today after a long time.. spent it with the two bitches from the other side of town.. one with the girl from cheras who claimed that she was a motherly person, whilst tsun commented that if Jane was motherly, she was mother theresa

the other a very happening socialite(laundry bar) from PJ(practically).. who wants chrome

and me who wants a jungle in the middle of my house, so we planned

  • butler in CK underwear, white or black
  • live in maid who stays to stay
  • Zen house with a lone orchid standing out of a bamboo vase
  • tons n tons of cars
  • tv and tv remotes every where, in every room
  • sun roofs


  • chrome with chrome
  • a pent house luxury condo
  • industrialist kitchen
  • gadget heavan
  • tools n toys to fit the mood
  • THE perfect car or two
  • a job of higher position


  • country club membership
  • rose bushes as hedges
  • 'treated' wooden kitchen
  • pebbly living room, beige and brown and a jungle center
  • huge library-porche-patio(filled with first editions)
  • week-end game hunts in the jungle, with ex bfs n ppl we dislike
  • meditarrean styled, preferably facing a lake or the ocean
  • an amazing job which deprives owner of the chance to spend too much time in this house


over drinks.. bak kuteh filled tummies.. and a rainy tuesday afternoon..

This is what it takes to make us happy. If there's any one willing to pay for all of this please contact me. If there isn't, then perhaps y'll ought to check back in a couple of years. I"ll post up a couple of pics :).

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