26 January 2012

Caramel Custard

It's Republic Day and unfortunately it's at the end of the month. My last amount of money is under investigation..used the Catholic Syrian ATM to withdraw money, and yup, you guessed it. No money, funds debited. Arghhh. I had tons of cream left over from a cook out a few weeks ago, so after many years (close to 10) tried again, to make caramel custard. I remember previous times I'd made it, I just FAILED to make actual caramel. SO I thought, on this day.. I'd give it another shot. Here's the recipe that I followed
Making the caramel. One thing the recipe doesn't tell you is when you're pouring the lemon juice and water, step back! It spatters!

The caramel bottom...
Pouring the egg and milk mixture into the moulds or glass bowls
Post baking! Tadaa... I was really happy with the outcome, though I have to admit, I messed up the caramel AGAIN, think I should've removed it like 5 seconds before I actually did.

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