04 July 2009

A month in the life of...

So that would be the first time there were no posts for the month of June. What's been happening?

  • I turned 24

Life's been it's usual twisty self, with friends coming down and going off, before they even land. Plans made, castles dreamt off, and well, they all came down, some what like humpty dumpty and his great fall. Except the King's men fixed him up, well and good, or so we hear.

Who's the adhesive that's going to paste the grande picture? LOL, who else? That's what we do, all our lives. Humpty had his men, we have ourselves. When things come crashing down, because we dared to care, we don't throw our hopes out the window, we mend the broken pieces.

One of the questions I've had to answer this month was what judgement to pass on a married friend who embarked on a dangerous fling of an affair. It will never be the right thing to do, never be savoury or exotic. But I guess, it's what it is- a short ride, that's over before it starts and besides the only person that needs an explanation and that can pass a judgement is a man's wife. And I am not she.

Whilst everyone else enjoyed the monsoon rains, I was thrilled to have it rain on my birthday. Better yet, it wasn't rain but a short drizzle on a very sunny sky. Went to the good old dhaba, got mighty high, played hopscotch on the stoned pavement, slipped and incurred a ghastly bruise. Went out with the ladies that have made my adult life, met an unsultry cat man, sung two songs, and got home to enjoy a night chat with perhaps my best friend, this side of the world.

What the world woke up to, was not Sabitha's birthday but Michael Jackson's death. Poor man, who lived a charmed life, magnified a million times by unwarranted gossip, a tragic celebrity death of someone who I know, was a genius. And more than that, someone who truly was a victim of his own eccentricities and fame.

And the highlight was a touch n go moment, with the man who inspired some stories, in the car in the middle of sand. What can be thought of a few short pecks, and when other's see, concluded to be romantic, we saw the end of a long and cold war, that started a year back, an act of forgiveness. That's the best I can describe it, anything else that I say, probably will make it something other than what it is.

And talking of men, there was to come a man of true friendship. One that hasn't been talked to in ages, talked about in years but today we found out that he won't be coming because of some strange government policies. I spit on this policy, and I beg for it to change but we all know, that's another piece that will need a mend.

So many threads, coloured differently, make a beautiful piece of cloth admired by many. And thus ended June to give way to July. A marriage is to take place this month, for our loved belle. Let us see what other drama enfolds, in this story!

Pic of dog, from this year's ugliest dog contest :)

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