20 July 2009


It was a some what fun weekend, stressfull for some and for others, a nervous- enjoyable one for other people. Someone's getting ready for their Sangeet & Mehndi ceremony. Someone else gets back to work this week. Another one attends a friend's, while the last one has a blanket wrapped around her legs in front of the tv, next to her dog and writes this.

So soon, time flew. And very quickly a marriage descends after a bachelorette's party that someone passed out on :-) Other stories of the night? Some ciggarettes, some weed and then some sibling unhappiness. Past that, I don't remember much of the rest of the night... What I'm worried about though is facing the fact I've been pleasantly skipping- which is:- She's really getting married, and getting through with this.

Lord knows it's been coming since the first time we met, she's never beaten around the bush regarding what she really wanted, and now she's gotten it... and while I'm happy, I'm sad. We are indeed all growing up very very fast.

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