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This Weather!!! And Then There Was No One & 3 Sisters

How has you Saturday been? Mine's been slow and inspiring.. inspiring laziness. Being curled up on the sofa with a book/s, constant flow of food & drinks.. warming up my feet..

Reads for today/a little bit for yesterday: Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None"- just looked it up on Wikipedia and apparently once of her well known mysteries. Stuck on an Island, 10 guests slowly murdered, a classic who'd dunnit. In all honestly, this one I could not guess.. and yes, suspense was enough to want me to turn to the last page in the book and hazard a discovery. I gave into want, did a quick sneak peek and woefully, I didn't find out who'd dunnit..

Worth your read, especially if you've got about 3 hours to spare.. not a very long book.. it almost reads supernatural.. thank god there's a logical answer.

(Sipping Bru's Colombian Coffee- Rs 300 for 50g- WHAAAT?)

Then, I moved onto a different part of the world.. Man Asian Literary Prize winning Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu. Although some bits of the book did not read well,sounding incestous, probably a case of being lost in translation- it reads the story of 3 sisters of different temperaments. A lot of the comments on the book say it's a striking account of women's lives in Communist China.. I didn't think it was a very illuminating account, apart from the words of Comrade, or Party Member or annoucements made through a PA system.. meaning all of this formed the environment, much like the ocean breeze would feature in a novel about fisherman but did not bear much relevance to the plot of the book. Apart from that though, it's your good old story of love and heartbreak & ambition. Always a nice read, especially on a very cold Saturday, although the story of Yuxiu leaves you with a desire to know more about her and stops rather abruptly.

(Spraying some Amrutanjan Muscular Pain Spray- wearing heels, big muscle strain)


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