28 March 2011

Fashion And You- Online Shopping Whine!

So I recently (almost a month ago) purchased a 2 items from this website, it was clothing and they called me back two days later saying that they were unable to provide the size of a top that I had initially ordered, due to a technical glitch that allowed me to think that there was still clothing of a certain size, when in reality it wasn't there.

So I got angry, did the usual drama and said that it was ok, I would stick to the order, but I would take a size larger because the top was nice, and if I couldn't wear it, I could still gift it away. They offered a "We are sorry voucher" for Rs 250 to apologize for the inconvenience. I checked on the time it takes for delivery, and they advised that while the policy says 3-4 weeks, realistically it should be delivered in 2 weeks time.

Of course, that time frame expired one week ago. So I called the team last week, and was told to wait it out till the end of the week for the products to come in. I also asked about the "We are sorry voucher" and how come that had not been credited to my online account, and was advised, that there was no mention of that and that she would see to it that it was deposited.

Fast forward one week... product undelivered. Voucher not credited to account. So I call the team up, get an operator who says that the company has a 21 working day delivery period, within which to deliver the goods. Then she says they should get the order in by the 7th of April. The order was placed on the 6th of March, so fuming I demanded to speak to the supervisor, as now they were not sticking to their own policy.

The supervisor then drops a bomb shell, advising me that of the two things that I had ordered, one was canceled by me, as they couldn't provide the right size. And that's why the girl from the previous week had told me that she would be providing me a "We are sorry voucher." Huh? So I asked her what was the company's policy for orders that get canceled. To which she says, the money will be refunded. So then I asked her where was the refund? Also, there's no voucher credited to my online account. Both questions are met with a flurry of background activity and a hasty, "I need to put you on hold."

Then I decided to drop a bombshell. Or what I hope is a bombshell.. when stores refund money paid for goods that are not delivered, they refund cash. Are they also liable to refund any VAT that is charged to the consumer in that process? I told her that it's only right she refund the VAT, so she says, that's why we're giving you the "We are sorry voucher", because we can't refund the VAT.

Deep inside, a few blood vessels burst under the pressure, so before I could respond, the lady jumps in and says, we will call you back today. And I will provide you with all the information.

Fast forward a couple of hours, no one's called me back. Call the company- a different supervisor advises that my order has been dispatched. But guess what?! The shirt that I ordered is not available, because it's not available.

But you advertised it, and I bought it three weeks ago, and up until now, after multiple conversations with you guys over the last 3 weeks, there was no problem with the shirt.

Sorry for the inconvenience and yes, you guessed it, we will give you a "We are sorry voucher". And yes, you guessed it, it ended with I will call you back tommorrow once I've spoken with XYZ person.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So I google them.. and guess what.. there are more like us!!

No goods delivered
No goods delivered- yet again!
Customer forum complaints

If you want to place an order still, do please go ahead. There are people who say they haven't had an issue with the site, just turn on the recording button on your phone and record every conversation you have with them. Alternatively, I reckon, writing to the brands they advertise to express consumer dissatisfaction will also have the company kicked into perfection or out of business!!


IndianTopBlogs said...

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Fashion and You said...

We regret the inconvenience caused. However if you could provide us with the order no. so that we can resolve the issue asap.

Saro said...

Indian TopBlogs, thank you for picking me out!! Will do a quick run of all the others you've picked too.

Fashion and You:This issue was resolved by- you telling me that you couldn't supply the top I had paid for (today- 3 weeks after I bought it) and offering refund of the purchase price (without the VAT, telephone calls etc) but don't worry, you offered me a "We are sorry voucher" with which I can do NOTHING because I vow never to use your site again and more importantly, never let anyone I know use your website again. Plus, if there's ever a fraud suit against you guys, be sure, I'll be in it too.

Unless you want to just give me my top, which would quite plainly be awesome :D

Saro said...

Order Number: 277353

Saro said...

Correction:I have since ordered again, and to be fair, they seem to get their orders right most of the time.. with big massive misses here and there.. comme ci, comme ca!