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Hi, I've been waiting for you. Yes you, because you know who you are, stalking my photos, my blog and everything else, that has me. But it's not me that you're after, it's the one that you love, right. You're so mad, that he didn't stay. When you should be mad, that you couldn't keep him. Or rather you should be mad because you never realized that he did not belong to you.

You're so mad, you've turned a favor into a debt. You watch him to see if you've damaged him, the one place you can. You run around throwing hissy fits, telling the world that it was all his fault. Guess what the world really thinks? You were lucky to have him, you are unlucky to have lost him and that is a pity. So they give you a shoulder to cry on, give you tissue to wipe your snot off but really, no one's buying the story.

And while you bloop to the world about the charity work you're doing, about the God you've found, and the lives you have changed... Remember a few years ago, a friend lent you a hand when you needed it. And think of what you're doing now- out of jealousy, envy, anger & petulance. You are a dirty human being and no amount of holiness will ever cleanse you of that fact.

I didn't always think of you like this and there is still opportunity for you to be a better person. Do the right thing, and earn the respect that is deserved.


Anon1 said…
omg!! there is someone else stalking u apart from me? or r u referring to me? show me tht dare he stalk wht i stalk i say!!!
Anon1 said…
im just kiddin btw...not stalking ...just find ur blog fun to read...but hey i dont really need to worry bout my rep when u dont know who iam :P
Anon1 said…
what pictures? i did not find any??
Saro said…
Ha ha ha I wish i knew who you were exactly, then i'd know if that was you. honestly though, it's a chick :) i like the fact that you find my blog fun to read, it's always a pleasure when my nonsense is understood..(I'm not alone!!)Pictures- Facebook.
vikhyat (Anon1) said…
flattered that u find it chic :)...
and nah i dont think there is even a remote chance u might know me, i mean i dont know u at all myself, dont even know ur last name. Im not on facebook, not anymore. just stumbled upon ur blog casually dont even remember how, i think i found ur name a lil catchy or something... :P ...Saro devdas movie right? or was tht Paro?
Saro said…
Hi Vikhi, as i'm sure your friends call you! wow, thank you for reading the blog. i honestly, didn't think anyone bt my friends read it :)

Do you have one?

Saro is a random name that came up, when i was writing one of the blog posts. I liked the sound of it, and made it my pseudonym. I know I wish i had a nice story behind it, but I don't.It's random.
vikhyat said…
nah no one calls me vikhi, not very fond of pet names...and no i dont have any friends :( will u be my friend? we can franship :P
Saro said…
Lol..if only i got a rupee for every time that was asked, i'd be rich rich by now!!! but sure, we shall be friends!
Anon1 said… none of them could resist your radiating charm :P

look our first ^franship^ joke
Saro said…
he he he he! are you making fun of my radiating charm? *stab* *faint* *die* *poof!*

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