29 January 2009

Missing Love

I havent felt a need to think about love in awhile now. And suddenly today, in the worst of timings, at work, on break inbetween a training session I suddenly feel this over whelming emptiness or lack of feeling connected to someone. I guess it has been awhile and I realize now, this particular moment that I miss it. I really really do.

Especially the way corny love songs make sense, and the way you look forward to every day because you will see that person. How none of your clothes look nice when you are to go see them, and at the end of the day the way your heart drops because you have to spend a whole night of loneliness before you see them again.

I know it doesn't last forever, even in couples that do last forever.. but FYI, I miss it. :)

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Durai said...


How romantic...