16 August 2010

Tea & Demerara

I love tea. Not the way Jane (bff) loves tea but more so than the average Indian. I discovered something over Christmas this year, whilst grocery shopping for a list that called for this wonderful thing called Demerara Sugar, that escalates the pleasure to new heights.

What is it?

Natural brown sugar (like real sugar, not heroin) that tastes delicious. It has a wonderful way of combining itself with the other ingredients in what ever your making, to become part of the dish. So the dish is never just sweet, but sweet with the flavors that you've added to your..in this case tea. And to boot, it's healthier than your average refined white sugar.

For those of you who do share my obsession over tea, do try the following. It's yummy, especially with the weather these days.

Grocery List

Cinnamon- A 1/4 stick
Chocolate Tea (I got my packet from Ooty)- 2 tsp
Water- 2 cups
Milk- As you wish
Demerara Sugar- As you wish

To make:

1. Add cinnamon stick to the water give it a boil for a minute or so, and then add tea and sugar.

2. Filter and add milk/cream as desired.

The combo is delish, I did have some yesterday with a pinch of nutmeg added as well. If you do try this out, let me know what you think of it.

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