23 August 2010

Dear Government (UPA, BJP, X Y & Z)...

To the Government of India
Including all Opposition Parties
And half-political entities, like the Sena
And puppets (Santa Singh)
Well wishers, neighbors & supporters,

As a citizen (who regularly pays all my taxes, Income, Cessation, Education, VAT, Service) I'd like to know the deadlines for the following issues and the plans that are in place to curb/fix/address them.

  • What is happening with Inflation? What serious measures has the government taken to curb and control inflation? What is the target inflation that has been set to check and measure the success of these policies?

  • Is the government currently providing licenses to doctors opening up clinics? How is that there are so many clinics set up in rural and township areas encouraging women into getting hysterectomies for menial issues, like an irregular periods or stomach cramps?

  • Why is that India has lesser legislation that allows women to become surrogate mothers to foreign women so easily?

  • What is being done to control the trafficking of children and women across borders?

  • How are we ensuring our street children are not being used, abused and molested by sex tourists?

  • Why are we still 'talking' to Pakistan about the 100 odd issues? Why can't we adopt a stronger policy that would be emblematic of the amount of money we spend every year on the military? Why don't we take lessons from China on how to freeze out an enemy? Why do we spend so much on border control and troop stationing? Do we need such a large army of men with technology around?

  • Why is everyone talking about a super-bug? Why are they saying it's because doctors in India prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics to the populace making us overly resistant to all kinds of drugs? Have we set up information counters to counteract such negative information at all the embassies ensuring that our medical tourism does not get affected? Should I as a citizen do something different to protect or screen myself for it?

  • What can I do to find out why the roads around my house are not tarred? Why is the empty plot of land near the house a landfill that even the rubbish collectors dump garbage onto?

  • Why are there still goondas around? Can't we use the military to take them out?

  • Why does Bangalore still have a curfew of 11 30 am? If it is to keep the city safe, are we saying that our law enforcement capacities are such that we need to force citizens inside homes to ensure that they are safe? If we need to take safety into our own hands, can we cut police budgets? Can't we bring in the military to take care of drunk drivers?

  • What permanent measures are being enforced to ensure that the power crisis in Bangalore does not continue into the new decade?

  • What's going on with with all the cases stuck in the courts? Property disputes, divorce cases, criminal cases? What's being done to speed up the process?

  • Why have our national museums been rated as being poor in upkeep and public interaction?

  • Why are the zoos kept so poorly? Why don't we let the animals free in the wild and then save more money on pretending to use some of the tax money to upkeep these facilities? As a matter of fact, looks like common citizens have the ability to sponsor zoo animals.. then why do we also pay tax for them?

  • Why are we wasting so many resources that we can use to promote an ecological revolution that will on the long run turn out to be cheaper? Can't the government learn from corporates that utilize 'being eco friendly' to cut costs?
  • Why does every one keep calling us a developing country with so much growth and blah and bleh and bluh, when there has been so little movement across the class structures that had been in place 50 years ago?
The list of questions can go on and on and on. And on. It would be nice for once for everyone to stop the squabbling and start metting out policies that can be felt. I do strongly believe we're dancing on the edge of a cliff, and the more people think the more we will realize that most of us, rely on ourselves for our own security. It would be nice to know for once, that the government has our backs, and I don't care how it's done, even if it means the government employs the services of a good PR agency, but I'd take a sense of security any day over the mumbo jumble haphazard cacophony that I feel every time I open any piece of media on the state of affairs in the country.

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