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Running a fever right now. Just because, this weekend has seen me with 6 hrs of sleep for three days.. and need to get to work later today.. :(

Had a nice night of fun: adequate socialising, dancing, drinking and well gossiping. Didn't help that all through last night I was running a fever as well.. and the previous night I got drunk.. ( I very purposedly drank 1/4 bttle of brandy n a full litre of wine)... which to those who know me know is waaaaaay over the limit of a couple of drinks..

My eleven year old niece parked a stool in the loo to make me comfortable... kids are so smart now a days...

But I just realized I've been writing a whole load of bull shit in here, when all i wanted to say was a big thank you to all those who i met and well, made it a night of fun.. and to just the world. I know that sounds so hippy, but it makes sense to me.. it's a new year, and if anything, I've learnt one thing in the past year. Appreciate everything you have, cz u never know when or how suddenly it might go away. Ya, soppy enough. OK suckers, have a great year!


Anonymous said…
a very happy new year to you too! i should also park a stool in the bathroom, would make them number 2's a little more comfortable! but first, that magazine rack....
dD.Diyana said…
happy new year. keep in mind there are people here who miss u too.

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