19 May 2005

Reasons to Smile I


playing basketball with devinka and niro last nite i realized two things abt myself... he he he... i am stubborn... rebel without a cause.. i need to occupy myself with things that are worth fighting for... ofcourse.. jundaboy's 'a woman watching a movie alone- unacceptable' line is unforgivable... bt he din say it with ne mal intention- true?
no reason to get pissed off at that.. bt the information that another person mite be goin on the same show as mine has made me want to watch Darth now... now meaning in the next two hours..so i need to find the crew wit today's ticket... soon, fast...
i will not end up in a movie alone with someone who thinks he can catch me in the act of watchin one alone.. i have livid day nightmare of his wanting the seat next to mine and asking junda's housemate to let him have it... nooooooooo! my precious precious pride injured and my precious precious Yoda left unattended to because his fan is too worried abt what to do with situation at hand... no it will not happen, Darth today... oh and the other thing that i realized abt myself... i like this singularity that i have been endowed with.. my life my own... my worries my own.. my happiness for the spaz, for the curly, for the crew, for ne one else who wants to share it... and i can't help bt smile abt it... as a matter of fact i mite be smiling all the way to the movies today... my coffin has no nails... i mite not be houdini to escape without removin ne of the nails bt i am not normal cz well,.... my coffin has no nails =)

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