12 May 2005

Life Statistics

life stats... 3 ppl knw me the best.... there's one person who's my responsibility... there's one person to whom i can say the weirdest things to and he would think it's ok... there's one person who i'll always like... there's one gal who suprises me at every corner testing my patience to the max, tryin the hardest anyone has recently to make me a better person.... there's one gal who's the best good friends gal fren ever... there's one gal who i've not seen since 7th June 2001 bt still dutifully e-mails n updates me on everything... and they're all special, and i love all of them.

If you could life happy with the people u have, i'm a very happy person.
If you lived life measuring it by the ppl u dun have, u are a very unsatisfied person.

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