15 May 2005

A Little Spice on The House

Ah... made new food today...invented recipie... tamarind paste, onions, tomatoes, garlic, dried shrimp paste fried in oil with dried fish, salt and chili paste. I dunno what to call it, because i made it talking to my housemate and ended up confusing the ingredients of rasam with the ingredients for fish sambal... bt well... it's sitting there in the microwave while i wonder wt to do with it... earlier i threw in some rice before i cleaned up the slow cooker to taste it and it occured to me that i'd also forgotten to put salt... bt dried fish has salt, so does the shrimp paste... and had some, tasted yum... bt then again i am like tsun, ne thing with salt tastes good (with the exception of bitter gourd, all other gourds and pumpkins).... so looking for a tester...i should call Devinka, wt wit that lecture she gave me a while ago, she deserves to be a sampler... (esp since i can't use my usual since it's nt vegetarian)... bt poor thing.. with that sheet of gray that seems to be covering her pupil... ai ai...i dun believe i feel envious for her drunken nite out... my chicas in aussie land.. missing u two.. esp toh, u... I need a sampler... very muchly at this point of time...i'll name it Dried Fish Mystery... sounds good to me... shall attempt to produce a decent sample of dhal tommorow... or sambar... wonder how long it takes for lentils to cook in electricity... just like tryin to make boiled eggs in the microwave yesterday involved me keeping an eye on the eggs for any sign of cracks so before they burst i could turn the dial off... bt nothin happened, so after abt 2 1/2 mins of keeping an eye, i cracked them open to test, bt the the top layer was spilling over... so i put them back in with water, watched watched and watied... peeled them... and ta da done.. now if only i'd kept a track of the time after.. i'd knw how to cook em again..
on a different note, i'm afraid to fall again into that trap, i think i need some time to figure it out.

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