24 May 2005

Ashe and the Old World

Before there was day,
before there was night,
and before there was a Universe,
All things lived in harmony in Olorun,
The Cosmic Heavens, located in the realm of Ikode Orun.
The Giant Egg that sat in the center of Nothingness.


Ashe has a Thought

Now realize before the beginning of everything there was only Ashe, the creative force itself. It was in no pot. There was nothing but Ashe. But one day Ashe began to think. And when thinking began Ashe became Oloddumare (The mighty creator). And as Oloddumare thought he thought matter, and so matter became to be. And the matter is called Olorun(The realm of Olorun), the Adobe at the center of everything. But matter became a she as Oloddumare is a he, for thinking causes a reaction in the opposite direction, a male thinking generates a female thing; a female thinking a male thing. The name of the thinking creating matter in Olorun is Nana Baruku, the Grandmother of all the divinities. YORUBA RELIGION FROM AFRICA

That's balance for you... there might be hundreds divisions, of races, of stratifications... bt the importance lies not which one one belongs to or is in, bt rather, in balance. Folk myths make more sense that our own modern day ones... and i thought we're meant to progress through time.

Thought these names were interesting:

Hine-nui-te-po / Maori

Bali /Indian

Age /Fon (african tibe)

Fa /Benin

Col /Nuer

Eate /Basque

Egata /Basque

Taran /Gaellic

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