29 May 2005

Rights of Individuals

Human Rights....

easy to define, hard to follow. And i'm nt even talking about the malaysian government.

sister was meant to call today. Sister who loves me. She wanted to send me the picture of my nephew but she didn't, because she wanted me to hear him cry. And i thought, i could do the online chattin thing. Where i can listem to him cry. Listen to him let that cute cryin noise that they do. My galfren sez that it sounds noisy i dun think so. So i thought i'd go and buy myself some speakers.

And he sed, passport.
I sed at home.
to jail with me then.
I'll get it now i sed.
Ur fren can do that.
And he did.
But the boss wasn't in.
So i'm still here stuck.
Detention centre they say.
Cramped up bed i say.
2 days i've been here.
Waiting for the boss to come.
But he hasn't i dunno why.
So i wait till tommorow.
And i have a test.
I do/am angry.
Though it will do me no good.
And so i wait till when.
I can hear the baby cry.
I can go back home.
And live my life free agian.

other issues of concerning malaysian media....

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