11 March 2007


talking to the Canadians... cold beer in the morning... thats a life.

Farhaad n Emma n Beer... You don't know what you've missed till you get it again. And realize it fills up the little empty pockets in life. Not all, but some of them.

Works been ultra stressfull. Just grande stressfull. It would be hard to even begin to point out where it started or how it's become such a nightmare.. but it has, and I must say the thought of quitting's been running through my head constantly.

But tell me, don't all sucessfull ppl say that they've been through shit, through hell n back to go where they are? And do I want to be sucessfull, hell yeah!

And there have been silver linnings. little buffers that are softening the blows of work. N i thank all of them, the ppl that I go to work here... they're all just about as resilient n able n strongheaded as I am.... or maybe even more.. N u knw, cheers to tht!


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