19 July 2007


I know how it went like in your head. She gave it to me, I know.

And I bet that did its fair share of tumbles and turns in your head.

No, in a time of universal deceit , telling the truth is a revolutionary act. *

And in all things there are three choices: Yes, No and no choice, except in this. I choose the truth or I am deceit. **

I am deceit. You pick truth.

When you pick at it, reading between the lines, investigating each word that I say for its vowels and verbs. You loose me.

Slowly but steadily your'e loosing me. But you will never know that.

I am deciet and you picked truth.

I will do as I am, and tell you nothing. Nothing is easier than self deceit, for what each man believes, that he also believes to be true.***

I pick deceit and you are the truth.

I picked easy and you picked hard.

I pick ignorance and you pick knowledge.

I picked you, and you picked someone else.

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