24 February 2012

Rich Chocolate Coffee Cake

It was one of those weekends again, eggs in the fridge, bottle of essence lay untouched for a while.. and I thought, well maybe it's time to attempt a cake. Now this was a few weeks ago.. before I made an awesome discovery.. but that will have a post on it's own.. titled, the most amazing baking thing to ever ever happen to me.. but for now, the star of this post.
As always..recipe is found here:

Changes made
1. Since I only had baking powder at home, I used 3 teaspoons of baking powder.
2. Replaced brewed coffee with instant coffee of my favorite kind- Colombian Coffee from Bru. Remember to not add milk, and you're alright.
3. Had some pumpkin seeds from the time I turned vegan, so I sprinkled some over the top after toasting it for 3 mins in a hot conventional oven. Ofcourse you could just do this over the stove in a heavy bottomed pan..
The cake turned out delicious but a little dry.. the secret to making it as awesome as the recipe intended would have to be the next post.. the one on measurements... (I found the baking holy grail!!).

So to fix it I creamed Amul Cream, some vanilla essence, icing sugar and dark rum to make something that tasted similar to Baileys Irish Cream. The measurements, in all honesty, are as you please.. so feel free to experiment. Froze it and topped it on the coffee/chocolate cake :) and it made smiles happen :)

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