24 February 2012

Cob Loaf!

I first had a taste of this when I was watching Cricket at the Adelaide Oval. One of our office colleagues had brought it over, and given it was summer, we'd had something of a picnic at the stadium.

It definitely is not for the calorie conscious, but would classify as comfort food for sure! I remember not watching cricket, but enjoying this more-ish dish, to such an extent that I got the recipe off her, and attempted making it and have made it at least 4 times the last year. The only problem is, I haven't found a cob loaf in Bangalore.

I tried using the neighborhood bun, too soft, too small.
I tried using sour dough, from breadworks, too hard.
So today I tried using a multi grain loaf, that also strays from the traditional round shaped cob loaf..

Here's a recipe close enough to the one that my friend gave me..

Changes made

1. I used frozen American Sweet Corn instead of canned corn kernels.
2. I couldn't find the usual Milk Maid fresh cream (that has the taste of sour cream- so I used the standard Amul Fresh Cream.. it does, unfortunately, make it slightly taste deficient)
3. I replaced the shallots with parsely, as believe it or not, I actually had one and not the other. I wouldn't use shallots still, probably replace it with spring onions...
4. I also fried the corn and bacon in butter, after having the bacon crispen over the stove.
5. Added oregano and a wee bit of chilli flakes to spice it up a little bit :)

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