31 March 2005


OOOoweeee.... ha ha ha ha

Well... after a rather stressfull vacation- in brief... wonderful pangkor, amazing sunset seen as that was when we reached the location, entered the sea the first time in my life, confident with my paltry back strokes, stroked my way into an area of the sea where the sea bottom was more than 5 feet below... till Sujan , Bhav and Jane rescued me at various intervals... atleast i knw that i can sorta swim albeit swim my way into trouble in the ocean~

I never knew that sea water was as salty as that... i seriously didn't knw having never actually been completely in sea water... started drizzling and i understood why all those sailors died of thirst.. anyways...following a dinner and various attempts to open the DAMNED WINE AND CHARDONNAY (which by the way looked abs fantastic in a wonderfully GRRRRREEEEEENNNNN bottle)... and finally getting the bottles open and settling in on the beach... Fellow aussie exchange student...Daniel comes along to tell us that there had been tremors in Kl and that it was recommended that we move away from the beach into our lodging..which was about 30 metres from the beach.

And so we went...after ofcourse confirming the news with various contacts on the mainland..lol... and well once we got there...in a series of half an hours found out that the after shock of the 26th December "earthquake" which was 8.6 on the Richter, was 8.2 (a right-side damage inducing earthquake in its own right). Mad scrambling panic for Jane... and well... i just enjoyed the alcohol that we had tried sooo very hard to open.

Excerpt from tsun's blog, it is best explained by her...she called at the appropriate moment.

Anyhow after calling u guys (on what was my last few dollars of credit).. and finding out all was normal - Sabi high, and Jane panicking.. I realised there really wasn't anything to worry about.. that, and the fact that jolly Sabi told me several times not to worry.. hahaha.. u silly cow.. can u even remember what u said?

"Everything is fine here.. Don't worry, we're in good hands.. I'm high! Don't worry ok? This is the best holiday ever! Jane is packing everything for me.. I'm just gonna carry my bottle of Chardonnay! Don't worry! We'll call or msg you when we can ok? Hee hee hee!"

Naturally I start laughing... I'm still laughing when i'm passed back to Jane..

"What are you laughing at? It's not funny! *pant pant* No I'm not high! I'm the only not high one of the lot *pant pant*.. Packing everything now.. They're moving us to higher ground *pant pant* Ok I can't talk.. not doing good with battery.. *pant pant* *more sounds of clothes stuffing in the background* Bye!"

Ah my girls.. nvr fail to amuse me..

So then after hiking for abt half an hour, getting to what we thought was the highest ground on the island, we camped out there in the clearing between the jungle and the road and fell asleep, on stones and dead leaves... i was bloody tired ok.. to wake up and then get back to the jetty and essentially get the hell out of there. It was unjustified, our actions as pangkor and the whole of malaysia and even the countries that were affected in the parent earthquake were fine...but never mind...

so now, i've decided to buy a daisy plant. I saw one...that's really pretty...been on a couple of websites to find out if they would grow indoors...more specifically in my room..and they do as the site describes them... "Daisies are an easy to grow perennial that brightens the flower garden and is great for indoor vases and arrangements. While there are dozens of varieties, the most popular are the Shasta Daisy (shown above) and African Daisies. Daisies are among the most popular of flowers of both gardeners. And they are perfect for beginning gardeners and those whose thumb is not too green!

We consider these flowers among the best for kids and beginners."


So I am glad indeed! WOnder if i sound neurotic at this point or perhaps just point blank weird... but u knw wt...just because i dun fit the stereotypical single oldie who gardens because she would like to talk to someone and plants are good listeners... doesn't mean i can't buy a plant if i so wish... hence i am...sunway pyramid- GIANT....u better not be selling that damned pot to no one else!!

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