29 March 2005


Apparently one can buy landsites from the moon. How cool is that, and according to an article in asian age, it's as cheap as Rs.1500 per acre. The website that one could use to buy the land is called: http://www.lunarrepublic.com
We can be citizens, of Luna which gives us the following rights as citizens of
Luna- Participation in elections to determine the future of Luna
Two-year subscription to THE LUNAR JOURNAL, the official newsmagazine of the Lunar Republic Society
Participation in the international effort toward the privatised exploration of the Moon
Discounts on property purchases from The Lunar Registry
Acess to members-only sections of LunarRepublic.com
Invitations to future members-only events

All at only $16.00 (US$) fee per applicant for your two-year membership

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