04 July 2006


It's normal to feel nervous before a big game, and tonight or rather this morning's game is frigging uncertain. Fine, the pessimistic person that I am, inside I knw, almost as gut instinct that tonight will probably be Italy's last game. But in the spirit of being and staying optimistic, I'm going to say no VIVA ITALIA if not for anything else, then for well, the glory of playing a game everyone plays one way, different.

And for that I will wish the lads GOOD LUCK! and please make us proud, even if loosing is not to be thought of, let loosing be a hard lost battle, not one given away with ease and complacency.


On a different note, closed the taxi door on my nose today. It hurt like hell, made the cab driver smile (my pleasure to make u smile, u sadistic oaf ass) and well bled a bit. And for a while there i did not worry about anything but loosing the ability to smell. I don't think I ever realized how precious my nose is to me,

I may be blind (meaning i do not observe things), I may not be able to feel things, or taste things, or hear things.. but the thing I can do very well is smell things.. and forget the aesthetic value of noses.. I always thought an option to render any part of my body different in plastic surgery will see me point at my nose.. but I didn't think of it at all much later, when i was actually in front of the mirror looking to see where the bleeding was coming from..

But ya, it happened and things like this, in Jane and well Nikhil's words, are things that can only happen to me.. and well like I said it did.. glad to say however the minute I entered my room I knew my sense of smell was still intact... my pot pourri had sadly lost the battle with the smell of wet towels.. which I could never have know if not for my nose



Guido Polentone said...




dD.Diyana said...

"however the minute I entered my room I knew my sense of smell was still intact..."

hahahahhahaah!!!! funny girl.

Anonymous said...

It's okay. I've had issues with my nose ever since you wrote a "story" about us in Junior school about Kitty with the flat Chinese nose. teeheehee

mansi said...

HAHAHA that is soo funny! And oohh ITALY won! :D yayyy hehe