12 July 2006

The Hostel

Good Job Italy!

Ok that's old news however, it's never to late to celebrate. And apart from that I realized that there are some things about the hostel that I have never questioned, just recently noticed

  • we have our maids who come in and clean our appartment. When and where do they come from? I've never seen them come, never seen them go and they certainly don't stay in the hostel. Do they take a van or a bus? And howcome I never have seen them come and go.. this question is buggin, albeit only having too much time at hand would ever make me question that.

  • how right now, there is only one working pay phone in the whole hostel and this has been the case since May. Howcome no one is there to fix it? What do those people who need to use the payphone do? Does the management really not care?

  • I was cooking in the kitchen the other day and heard the door open with three people in the house. Two maids, one male and the other female, and a man. I looked at him while he feasted his eyes on the rest of the house. I asked him if he was a new warden, and he said he was the maid agency's supervisor, I turned around and continued chopping my potatoes. Why do they ban 'our' friends from coming into the hostel at abnormal hours, male or female, and then send random ppl we do not even know, with keys to our appartments at any time they wish?

  • Then there is the stupid driller man: he comes he moves everything in the appartment around, and then does his drilling business and then leaves. Furniture in disarray, but what the hell, he's paid to dril not to re-arrange furniture. Well, i don't remember him being paid to leave the appartment in disarray either.

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dD.Diyana said...

yea and then what ?
we have to move out even!