22 July 2006


Swiss Wish No:1 - Understand.

The Swiss make wishes not hoping the wishes will come true, but knowing they will


The weather has been a cow, alternating from hazy polluted air to windy wind to rain cold, and bright old sunshine. Had an interesting outing yesterday, in Klang.

Behold the Doulos, the ship from Germany that's been all arnd the world with an inbuilt library at the Star Cruises docking area in Port Klang. The girls n I were having a ball of a time a) finding the place b) giving each other sea faring names- Bootleg One Eye Jane at the Crows Nest, Capatain Little Toe at the helm and Asst Captain Pimple. One Eye Jane handles Rum rations as well.

If getting there was an issue, so was containing excitement to getting on the ship, the sort only a non swimmer 'only once been in the ocean' person would feel. Here we have a GIANT ship, which wasn't so GIANT afterall, given the position of other stair thingies... that looks unsinkable, never mind the Titanic, and the even GIANTER ocean with ENDLESS depths and widths of water. And I mean ENDLESS water. Any semblance of a storm on the horizon n this chick would've never stepped on no boat much less any pier of ne sort.

So then we went in, and lo behold, this ship's library isn't so big after all. And lo behold, it seemed to be an undercover Christian missionary boat thing.. and after a brief walk arnd the place and a brief walk around the breadth of the ship, and a brief glance at the small Starbucks stall that had creeped into the ship, I was bored outta my mind.

Checked out some ropes, huge thick fat ones, looked at the ocean with a shudder and I was still bored. Hell i would never survive on a ship, especially with the idea that i can't move arnd all that much as i want to and the only option is to jump into the ocean and take a swim. So i was mighty glad when we left, walked real fast cussing at kindy kids who were moving real slow... relief came dressed in Bak Kut Teh n Tea.. and LAND.. have i mentioned, I LOVE LAND!

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