23 July 2006


Why is there another war in the middle east?

I've been told that the war in Lebanon is not going to take forever to end. Reasons given for this opinion range from the fact that it is an isolated war, that serves just the interests of Israel's permanent offensive against the Palestinian cause. Well self preservation is fine and dandy. But it isn't so isolated. Israel's main ally in this big old world, the US of A has dragged itself into yet another war in the region.

It's still fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and now it can add Lebanon to the list. The stakes are apparently high, while Israel works to try and remove the terrorists that its neighbour is harbouring by destroying the nation, and the US nods its approval, keeping a wary eye on Iran. It has opposed the ceasefire proposal by countries within the region.

We know we have a problem, when the USA butts in. And we know we have a problem when the neighbours express their disapproval and they are ignored. If Afghanistan was a retaliatory move, and Iraq was a cause-less war, what kind of a war is this? It's baseless, and just, plain and simply a blantant slap in the face and the idea of the sovereign nation.

And the world watches, with the exception of France, Russia, India and the Muslim block who have voiced out their opinion, yet haven't done anything significant, it watches. Somehow this reminds me of Hitler and the years before the WWII. Atleast then there were things like pacts. The world watched then as Hitler dared and dared and went ahead, and the world watches now as the US and to a smaller extent the wasp like Israel dares and dares to go further and further in their violent exploration of the Middle East.

The Arabs watch, content with their wealth, interested more in preserving their royal seats in their royal cities of royal wealth and religion. China grows quietly waiting for the world to react, probably hoping to flood the supply deprived countries with its goods, much like pre-WWII US, and pre-Korean war Japan. France, fletches its muscle long enough to voice disapproval, not more though to actually do something about it. The Asian block is in shock, still trying to awaken sleepy diplomats in the region into saving its peoples.

The people though have expressed they are not happy. Marches have been held all around the world, but marches don't go too far. There is a problem right now, and frankly speaking it seems to me that the world is too busy to give a shit about it. As power stamps out all opposition in the quest for wealth, I think the world is becoming more and more unstable not to mention disproportionate.

Diplomacy? What? Just like the the UN cringes under the pressure of having no power, beauracratic slump and corruption scandals, diplomacy has become the art of the forgotten and powerless people. So lets cringe and wait to get trampled.

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dD.Diyana said...

i never thought they'd come down to lebanon, those evil people.