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Just checked for my number in the grad list.. it was there, and I guess so this must really be happening. I am leaving, and I am leaving everything and everyone I know here. Doesn't sound too good, and neither does it make me feel any better. U knw that feeling before that roller coaster dips down, when ur balanced at the very tip of the coaster, I feel that now. And it doesn't feel any good, just butterflies on e in my tummy. I almost wish I knew more than four others who were graduating with me. Well all come and go, it's time to go :)

Wish i could say it with a real smile instead of a smiley smile :) :) :)

These songs are nice.. I'm gona put it here for those who like to download songs and can.. cz i can't so this is my what song i want to download next list area thing-

Amber by:311

take me away from the norm
I got to tell you something
this phenomenon
I had to put it in a song
and it goes like

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

you ought to know what brings me here
you glide through my head blind to fear
and I know why

whoa, amber is the color of your energy
whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally
Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

You live too far away
your voice rings like a bell anyway
don't give up your independence
unless it feels so right
nothing good comes easily
sometimes you gotta fight

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

launched a thousand ships in my heart, so easy
still it's fine from afar, and you know that
whoa, brainstorm take me away from the norm
whoa, I got to tell you something

from here:


Gatto Panceri said…
We are more true than true, forged by the gods of metal
To fight the battle ,against poser synth-pop-metal

Our metal is so strong 'cos ourdick is so long
Our metal is so strong 'cos ourdick is so long

But your dick is short ,summon the defenders of the true
With their mighty viagra-storm ,so your dick will be long
And metal will be more strong!

Now we are together, an army of meat spikes
We march to the next battle
With more power than the fart of a mammoth
But goddam we get some more viagra ,to power our long dicks/ but the blood is running out
So the dick is now short

Our girls are gone with some gothic gay guy
His gay synth songs took away them all
Now we are all gay but halford is with us
So we are still true!

Our metal is so strong 'cos our dick is so long
Our metal is so strong 'cos our dick is so long

Di' le tue preghiere piccolino, non scordarti mio figlio di includere ognuno
Croccante fuori, morbido dentro, tieniti libero dal peccato, che arriva l'uomo di Sabbia

Dormi con un occhio aperto, attaccati forte al cuscino

Uscita luce, entrata notte, prendi la mia mano
Con la pasta del capitano

Qualcosa sbagliato, spegni la luce, pensieri pesanti stanotte e non si tratta di biancaneve
Sogni di guerra, sogni di pace, sogni di pollo alla brace, e di cose che mordono

Dormi con il culo scoperto, attaccati forte al cuscino

Stai zitto piccolino non dire una parola. E non badare a quel rumore che hai sentito. E' solo una bestia dentro al tuo letto, nella tua testa nel tuo cassetto !


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