18 March 2008

Hot Indian Summers

Hot Indian summers get to your head. I don't know about everyone else, but I find it difficult to adjust to the brightness of summer here, especially when I step out of the office. My eyes hurt from the radiance of the sun, especially at high noon.

You get into the cab, with the dust filled air.. the heat's drained away all the moisture from the soil, winds of dry dust swept every where. I wear sun shades, god knows what else is flying in the air. I've heard horror stories of glass flying into people's eyes. And then I also imagine insect eggs and the sort flying in the wind with the dust cloud. That's just me imagining things though.

And then I get home, wash off all the dust in a quick shower. Wash my hands profusely with tons and tons of the dettol liquid handwash.. I don't know why, but I love washing my hands with it. I think I wash my hands more because I love it. Eat.

Run out into the garden, look at my plants. The fern's budding, and I have an amazingly beautiful peach coloured rose plant. But what I can't miss out on, is the fact that summer's here and the soil is more alive. I can see ants of about three different sizes foraging for food, beetles and flies buzzing in the air.

And then it hit me.

Love= lips, heart and pussy.

And I thought, well, isn't that nice.

BTW: Using pussy as a word isn't derogatory, if I've got one.

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