13 November 2009


I've now spent three years in this company. I'd think it's time to move on, just so I can say I've been around and have a profile of working with different companies and mindsets. But the thing about BPOs are that shifting around within one organization means that you never stay on one major account.

Or atleast I don't feel I have, its been a movement in job roles or lately, companies. And dealing with each of these companies, allows that experience of working with different minds and people and cultures, is almost equivalent to moving companies.

But, I say almost because I'm still in my first job, I haven't moved. Don't think I will for some more time and we'll see. But Happy Anniversary All!


Madhu | INDImag.com said...

3 years in a company especially when you are starting out isn't bad. If you are learning every day and love to get up and go to work (who am I kidding, well do not hate to go to work !), you are fine.

In my 2 nd company after 11 years and I've been happy :-)

Meandered in from Blog-a-ton ; your suggestion for BAT-5 intrigued me, so followed you to your blog..

Zubair said...

But I surely think 3 years is too much to stay at a company.. its turnin 3(my first company) and I've already picked a new one.. Left with a few more days for the shift.. Jst the feelin feels so good..
Try it n u ll feel it.. :-)

Saro said...

Madhu: Sorry about this 'prompt' reply. Yes, we don't always want to go to work when we get up in the morning, but I think it's more what we feel at the end of everyday. Whether it feels like you've done something that matters, we;re all good to stay.

Zubair: Lol. Well, I guess the plus point of hopping around is the amount of people you get to know! If you have orkut or fbook, you mst've tons of people that you know.