16 March 2009

Holiday: Update

Day 1: Dinner: Rasam rice, salad, chips(not for bow), cauliflower & potato veggie, beetroot curry

Day 2: Stayed awake from Friday. And kept talking and talking.

Breakfast: Thosa, potato varuval, onion chutney.

Then came back home from Bow's place, ordered lunch from Empire (Chicken kadai, ghee rice & kebabs) and had dinner with the parents, walked back home with ice cream, spent 24 (!!!) hours solely with Sanjana, and knocked off to bed. ASLEEP.

Dinner: String hoppers, chicken biryani, nannari juice (what ever that is), buttermilk

Day 3: Woke up, said bye to the parents. Ate mum's rava idli's, coconut chutney & tomato curry. Had some wine and chilled out at home and around 6pm went to Yelahanka to Green Park Dhaba to go see Bhav & Sripad. Had a lot of beer, rained, got wet & then had whisky.

San's favourite: Fish masala, Kashmiri Naan, Fish Tikka, Peanut masala & lemon chicken.

Bhav: lemon chicken, butter chicken masala

Sabi: Peanut masala, lemon chicken & chicken butter masala- really not all that bad.

Hemanth & friend came along... we got done at around 12 am, so no tuk tuks (autos) on the road available for us to take home. Whipped out phone to call the cab.. but why pay for transport when you get it for free... Sripad flagged down a car, which actually stopped (!!!), and we got driven home by two very kind souls. Got home, Fidel learnt how to go "down" that Sripad taught him. And then I dozed off, while the rest of the house talked then night away.

Day 3/4: San cooked eggs for breakfast, ate. Bhav woke up & had muskmellon dessert thing, then we ordered food (chicken, mutton & fish biryani, fish hara, chicken angara, alloo naan, chicken lollypop) & beer. Ate, had some beers & now watching LOST. San's asleep, Fidel's asleep and Bow's on the phone & I'm writing on the blog.


dD.Diyana said...

you better slip in my name while you're having fun in your no-sleep-drink-and-eat-only holiday!

grr. i'm so jealous because i miss all of you so much!

Cant you guess? said...

I cant believe I am reading this from work... I am super bored today.. and now that I have read your holiday update.. i am so jealous *nods head in unison with DD*

i miss you all! i hope *fingers crossed* you get here soon!


Saro said...

We all miss you and DD San and I recollected the time we took you out for a few drinks at G-spot so don't worry you have been talked about!

Mansoo: We shall get there soon!

dD.Diyana said...

No wonder I choked the other night! It's you girls!