31 March 2009

Goa (1)

So this is the much contemplated post on Goa. On our way back to Vasco de Gama train station, I wrote some notes in the cab. This was the trip that I had to remember, not because of the large, mad crazy things that we did (there were one or two things of that magnitude) but because these were memories that would be rehashed a hundred times and I didn't want to forget anything, not even the small details. I'm afraid though, that the attempt may have failed.

Day 1: 2o - 21 st March

21:00 The journey really started at Yeshwanthpur train station, where we boarded our train- The Vasco Express. It was a 14 hour train ride, San resolved that she would spend her time on the train by knocking herself out with our handy whisky coke mixture, to wake up to Goa. The rest of us chatted till we were rudely interrupted, albeit at 1 am by the Mister from the topmost cabin who advised us of the time and told us to get to bed. Our other cabin mate, was a military colonel who proved most useful the next day, at advising us, amongst other things: where to smoke, how to smoke, where the train would reach scenic points, and when the train would reach Madagaon, which was our drop off station. We kept ourselves company by taking more pictures, hanging off the train doors, chatting about the good old days and San.. slept.

13:00 We reach a very crowded Madagaon station, hurry to find a cab (and grab a quick smoke) and hired ourselves a pre paid taxi to go to Candolim (Rs 700). And on the ride, we sung our Goa songs, and I took pictures of the streets, and Sri Pad sat in the front (after being ostracrized for waking us all up at 7 am in the morning to see a water-less water fall, that only came to view at 10 am)- making a hearty little conversation with the driver, who weaved through traffic like it was irrelevant. Reached Candolim, found Casa Praia, which was much much more cozy that what we expected. I suspect we acted some what like cave dwellers, when we saw we'd gotten quite a bargain, with our sweet home: attic bedroom, air conditioning, pretty kitchenette, orange deck & a nice big bathroom. Anthony (our landlord for the stay), gave us a quick summary of taxi rates, cab rates, other residents, maid timings and left us.

15:00 Beach Bay- We ate the following, scrumptious food.

Bow: Chicken Peri Peri, Kings Beer (Goan Beer)

San: Fish Vindaloo, Kings

Sripad: Prawn Vindaloo, Kingfisher

Sabitha: Chicken Vindaloo, Kingfisher

I don't think I need to say how lovely that cold cold beer tasted, with the humid Goan heat. So we finished our lunch and hopped over to the Elephant Shop to get some more beer and stock up the fridge. We hired our Wagon-R from Anthony's friend, who sent the car over.

20:00 We showered, stocked up, car came home & got ready for a night out on the town.

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