08 March 2009


Bhav & Bow came over last night, to see me and Fidel. We had a good little chat following which Bhav disciplined the puppy, while Bow showered him some wholesome love. Between the two, I believe Fidel was having the time of his life. And he is such a wannabe crowd pleaser, showing off the obedient side of him (the one that I rarely get to see).

Besides that, things have been slow moving - like how someone slows the car down, when they reach their destination. One more week of work, and the rest of March is VACATION time. I'm so looking forward to it, don't think I've been off work for as long since, August 2007 when I went to Malaysia.

So what's on the cards for the two weeks?

  • Tour of Mysore (or some other place within Karnataka)

  • Goa

  • Showing Sanjana around, with the Bhav & Bow

  • Dad's coming down (YAY!)

  • Eat Wan Tan Mee (GOD BLESS)

  • Shopping :) :)

And I forgot to add, I wore a Sari at work on thursday in honor of Woman's Day (which is today). And thanks to some good tying (Priya is loved), it stayed on me the whole day (which is a record). Shall put up pics here or somewhere when I get my hands on them.

Diyana, did u ever ask me to buy Sari for you? I don't know why, but I suddenly thought of it. You want or not? I'll send you one.

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dD.Diyana said...


My name is Diyana or also known as dD and yes, I would like to have a Sari pleaseeeeeeeeeeee since Joseph is not buying me one until today (He promised me it since last July!)

Can I pick a color? Ok . Dark purple please. Yea, somewhat deep purple is a lot better on my skin.