04 March 2009

De-sensitizing Self: Says this Kajur

Ok. I found out today that there was someone at work calling me a Kajur. Which means a date. BUT we're not talking about those juicy ones, (atleast that's what I am told it translates to in hindi) but the dry, shriveled ones that have a slightly bitter taste.

As we may be able to guess, this 'someone' isn't fond of me. And while I take pride in the fact that the feeling's mutual, I have to say that some part of me is offended. So I wanted a quick word with this large anonymous crowd of readers that I trick myself into believing read my posts, to advise the following:

- Dates can be dehydrated, ground and mixed with grain to form a nutritious stockfeed. Dried dates are fed to camels, horses and dogs in the Sahara.

- Dates have a high tanin content and are used medicinally as a detersive (having cleansing power) and astringent in intestinal troubles. As an infusion, decoction, syrup, or paste, dates may be administered for sore throat, colds, bronchial catarrh, and taken to relieve fever and number of other complaints.

:) And by googling the word I found this cool site ;)

And so, Kajur may not be very juicy to look at, or soft to chew, but healthy & nutritious for your body. So call me Kajur then, I don't mind :)

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